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Not sure if I told you or not that we appreciate you staying on top of the filter issue and making sure they came up with a solution to fix it.  You are appreciated and again thanks for everything you do!"

Jennifer - September 2018



"... the customer is very pleased with our progress.  They've commented several times how organized and efficient the entire process has been thus far.  So thank you, everyone!" 

Todd - January 2018



"I have used RSC project management several times to include a 50,000 square foot building built from dirt to completion in just under 9 months and an 11,000 square foot office space to include a large SCIF. Both of these projects were completed on time, under budget and it was a joy working with RSC PMC"


"There were several instances where our PM was able to identify issues with the buildout and saved us over $20K in costs"

Chuck - October 2017



"RSCPMC did an outstanding job as always.  Took on a project destined for failure and turned it into a success! "

Ryan - October 2017






Again, if I haven't Thanked You enough I want to Thank You more! When everyone gave up on us and wanted to stuff us in some corner on a shopping plaza, you took your time and you pursued the Mock family last year even though their answer was always NO. Of course, you also helped us to look at any other opportunity that was out there which was suitable for our business. Now that we look back on that answer and what it really meant was NOT NOW, but God is good and in control.


Thank you very much, Sandy!"


Battery Warehouse

Oleg, Oksana, Abigail and Liana Tatchin - November 2017




I think I signed the lease correctly and you have it. Thanks again and happy here!

Eileen  - July 2019

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