The Value of 30 years of Experience Building Teams


We founded RSC Project Management Consulting, LLC (RSCPMC) to help folks navigate the real estate and construction maze.


Our Value-added solution, often times saves you, the tenant, our fee before the inks dry on the lease.  


Smooth and Effective Projects


Whether you are renovating your current space, opening a new office or developing a new building RSCPMC treats every job as a unique project of equal importance, adhering to our strict standard of quality and excellence. Whether your project is around the block or across the country we create a comprehensive, clearly defined project management plan tailored and integrated to meet your specific needs.


Measured Excellence

RSCPMC provides comprehensive oversight of your project to ensure you receive the quality project you envisioned from “From Project Conception to Operating Reality”.  RSCPMC is with you from the beginning and remains committed to your project long after it has finished. At RSCPMC we feel the relationships should not end at the end of the job.  We want to come back and review the job to better understand what worked and what did not, allowing us to always be evolving and improving remaining an industry leader.



The strongest tool at RSCPMC is communication. We maintain client, contractor and vendor cloud-based portals allowing both secure client specific communication and cross-project transfer of information.   RSCPMC believes our job is as a planner and facilitator, not a roadblock to completion.


RSCPMC = Peace of Mind

Working with tenants, landlords, owners, general contractors, construction managers, IT consultants, architects, systems furniture vendors or AV contractors, we know that your time is valuable, and projects absolutely must stay on schedule. RSCPMC provides peace of mind, no matter what your business; our focus is centered on quality, integrity, completeness, and timeliness.



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